Granite Countertops

Granite Makes Cooking a Breeze

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Do you love cooking? If you've ever cooked in a kitchen with granite countertops, then you understand why they're a chef's best friend. Rely on Luxury Stone to provide high-quality granite slabs from leading suppliers, including MSI Surfaces (a Q Quartz brand), American Granite & Marble and Stone Design. Avoid those frantic last-minute searches for trivets. Instead, enjoy the ease of placing hot pots and pans directly onto your granite countertops.

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3 benefits of granite countertops

There are several benefits of having granite countertops installed in your kitchen or bathroom. They are:

  1. Easy to clean with everyday supplies
  2. Beautiful, stylish and made from natural materials
  3. Very durable and heat resistant

When you choose us to install granite countertops, you can expect the turnaround time to be within 7-14 business days. While you shop our various granite countertops for sale, keep in mind that we require a 50% deposit.